Mac Sims for Senate 22

I want to serve you!

With resignation of Senator Jake Anderegg, the Utah Republican Party will be holding a Special Caucus of State Delegates in Senate District 22 to elect a replacement to serve the remainder of his term though 2024. This election will be held on October 11th, at 5:00 pm, at Mountain Ridge Jr High.

After careful consideration and reflection, I have decided to run for this seat. As a lifelong Republican and conservative, I am ready to put my expertise, my determination, and problem solving skills to work for the citizens of northern Utah County.

I’m excited to talk to each delegate, to hear their perspectives and concerns, and to lay out why I am the best candidate in this race to pull back government expansion, protect personal and family liberties, and continue to make Utah the best state in the union.


Key Issues


Our district lies at the heart of Silicone Slopes, and technology is a major driver of the Utah economy. Emerging technologies have great potential and can have great risks. It's becoming increasingly important to have effective technology policies that protect citizens while still benefiting from innovation.



Everyone has been feeling the pinch as our district continues to grow at a rapid pace. Traffic and property prices are major concerns. We need responsible growth that respects property rights, makes sure we have the infrastructure needed to support our growing community, and continues to fuel our economy.


Our children are our future, and making sure that they are well prepared to take on the challenges of life and be a positive contributer to society is a top priority. Education is one of the largest parts of the state budget and the legislature has a duty to make sure those funds are wisely used for the best outcomes.


Fair, accurate, and transparent elections are at the core of our republic and are the bulwark that holds back tyranny. With trust in our election processes at a historic low, we need to implement election reforms that give voters confidence their vote was counted properly, and that the votes were counted accurately.


I have worked closely with Mac over many years, both within the Utah GOP and outside the Party. He has consistently demonstrated leadership and a willingness to serve, especially in areas where others hesitate. Mac is a prolific thinker and problem-solver who approaches challenges with poise, organization, and a work ethic second to none. He will be a great asset to the Utah Legislature.
Brandon Beckham
Conservative Leader
When I look for someone to support, I want someone that I can trust to tell me the hard things. Someone who works hard, listens, and communicates effectively. That person has always been Mac Sims. I have watched Mac selflessly and thanklessly serve the Republican Party at the County and State level. Nobody works as hard or sacrifices as much as he does. (More)
I can’t say enough good about Mac! Having worked with him at KMV for some time. He is a very talented “tech engineer” who sees the future differently than those of us who are not so “tech savvy.” I find him to be genuine, intelligent, dedicated, and sincere.
Patti Bateman
Precinct Chair

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