Work Together

Our party has been through a tough time.  The battle over SB54 has been more bitter than most expected.  But now that the party lawsuit has concluded it’s time to pick ourselves up, and come together as a team.  We need to rebuild bridges that have been burned and repair the bridges that have been damaged.  As Ronald Reagan has said, “My 80% friend is not my 20% enemy.”  I very much agree with this.  Now, I don’t take this to mean we need to abandon our values or compromise our principles.  It does mean we need to keep things in perspective and be willing to work with others where we agree, and still be civil where we don’t.  I believe the semi-anonymity of social media has exacerbated this problem of incivility.  But the solution to this is to spend time with each other, and see the humanity in each other.  And the best way to do that is to work together on common goals.

Stay in your lane

Any organization can experience internal strife and power struggles when people don’t properly understand their roles and responsibilities.  In most organizations you have a governance body and an administration.  The governing body concerns itself with vision, mission, governing principles, goals, and accountability.  The administration concerns itself with operational performance, ie, getting stuff done, and done well.  So governance should worry about what should get accomplished, and administration should worry about how to best get it done.

In our party, the Central Committee is the governing body, and the party officers are the administration.  In my opinion, the more the Central Committee can concern itself with vision, mission, governing principles, goals and accountability, and party officers concern themselves with how to accomplish the direction from the Central Committee, the more smoothly we will work together to better the party.

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