While there are many ways we can improve our party, I plan to focus on these four primary areas.

  Improve Caucus Night

Caucus Night is the primary interaction that most Republican voters have with our party, but unfortunately, it is still a long and painful process for most. While many improvements have been made in the recent years, we still need to find new and better ways to hold caucus night.

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  Build our Team

We have great power in the combined talents of the great members we have. But we struggle in effectively leveraging those talents. I would like to put in place a structure to make it easy for any and all in the party to contribute to the fight for family and liberty.

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  Educate Voters

The trends in today’s society are scary, particularly amongst are youth. There is a greater sense of entitlement, of wanting the government to solve all our problems. Socialism is openly accepted and looked to as a solution to society’s problems. As a party we are not doing enough to battle these dangerous narratives.

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  Work Together

We need to work together better. Be more willing to build relationships on what we do agree on and overlook the things we disagree on. We need to understand the difference between governance and administration, and the different bodies and positions tasked with each. The better we understand our own roles and responsibilities, and the harder we try to stay in our own lanes, the better the party can function.

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