Educate the Voters

The Republican Party if filled with great patriots that are passionate about liberty and family. But in our fast paced world they are consumed with the demands of life, and find little time for politics, which all too often is seen as divisive and taboo.

Mainstream media is pushing an increasingly radical leftist narrative that castigates and shames any who dare oppose it. And good republicans are scared to defend their core values and beliefs.

They need help.

Defending and Promoting the Republican Brand

Republicanism is a brand just like any other brand. And it should have meaning to the public that is universally understood. Just like brands like Apple, Disney, Walmart, Honda and McDonalds are well known and understood. For good or bad, you know these brands and you probably already have and opinion about them without needing to say anything more.

Our problem is that we have lost control of our brand as Republicans. The left and mainstream media have hijacked the Republican brand and have set the public narrative on what Republicanism means. You’ve heard them all: racists, homophobes, sexists, bigots, islamophobes, misogynists, and more. We need to stop letting others define who we are. It’s time to take our brand back. We need to actively promote the Republican brand as a party. We can’t leave it to candidates to promote their “district approved” versions of Republicanism, we need to promote the Republican Platform version of Republicanism!

There are so many great things about the Republican Platform! We need to bring together the great professional marketing and branding talents of our Team and get to work crafting great positive and impactful messaging about Republicanism. Then we need to take that messaging to the masses and take back narrative on what it means to be Republican.

Start the Conversation

We need to provide opportunities for republicans to get more familiar with our party platform and reconnect with the values that are in their hearts.

We need to connect with the youth in our families and give them reassurance that they can keep a hold of their values, even when friends, teachers and professors are telling them otherwise.

We need to all of this in friendly, welcoming environments where they feel safe to ask questions, express their concerns, and learn data driven reasons that conservatism truly makes for a society better.

Potluck Politics

I’m working on a pilot model for a politics based, social gathering and discussion forum I call “Potluck Politics”. This would be a local gathering where friends and neighbors could discuss the issues that they have concern about in a safe, welcoming and hopefully non-judgemental environment. The goal of the discussion would be to get past the overused talking points and strive for true understanding of different viewpoints and the underlying fears and concerns. I’m still in the concept refining stage, but hope to hold some trial gatherings in the coming months.

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