Build our Team

It seems as if our society is crumbling before our eyes. Leftism has nearly consumed the main stream media and rules supreme in the colleges and universities across the nation. And we are losing the rising generation in the process.

It’s time our party pushes back and does more to reverse this trend. But to do more we need more people. But it’s not enough just to get people, we need to be able to effectively connect with them and be ready to give them meaningful, timely tasks that make a real difference to our party, our community, and to them.

To do this we need several things. First, we need vision. We need to know what is most important to do, and when. What will make the biggest difference, and why. And what will be most fulfilling for our volunteers.

We need a system to organize and track our projects, tasks and volunteers. We need to be able to track our progress and celebrate our milestones. We need to have a hard outstretched to every new volunteer at the very instant they have a spark in their heart to make a difference in their community.

And finally, we need to recruit from amongst our ranks. We have the best of the best in our party. There is untapped talent all around us. We just need to show them why they should be joining us in moving this cause forward. Then connecting them with a team and project they can make a difference in.

Getting the organization and structure in place to mobilize the whole party will not be easy, but we have to start somewhere, and we have to start now. We need to start with a unified vision of what the party could be. Set goals and milestones towards that vision. Identify initiatives and projects to accomplish those goals. Establish teams to work on those projects, and breakout tasks for team volunteers to work on.

Our party has immense potential. With the right leadership, vision and planning we can change the direction of society and preserve our freedoms and liberties.

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